Puerto Deal Cruz

If you seek for the best resort tourism around, then you have to plan your vacation here in Puerto de la Cruz. Back in the day, this small town used to be a busy harbor town, nowadays it is still considered as the main venue for communities dedicated in business in the magnificent Orotava valley. The British traders used to love this place, says history, so much that they have contributed to the rise of Puerto dela Cruz. It was the British traders who erected the Grand Hotel Taora in this town back in the year 1889. And it is undeniable that the Grand Hotel Taora is really what put the town of Puerto dela Cruz in the tourism maps not only in Spain but around the world as well. It also became a spa loving town back in the 1890s; this being the case, European royalties flocked the area to experience the spa treatments offered here. Apart from the European royals, various dignitaries also paid their visit to this town; examples being Winston Churchill as well as Bertrand Russell. Despite the rapid growth of the

town and the booming tourism as well as development of high rise establishments, Puerto de la Cruz has still retained its authenticity as a Spanish town; it still feels as though you are in a huge spa inside a very small and hospitable Spanish town. The uniqueness as well as its individuality has been maintained all throughout the development of this town. Tourists surely leave Puerto de la Cruz happy, that is why majority of them come back to this side of the world. This being the case, Puerto de la Cruz has been pronounced as the resort with the largest rate of returning visitors all over the world.

At the very heart of Puerto de la Cruz, you can find the very small but interesting Plaza del Charco. It is in the middle of the pedestrian district and located next to a small and charming harbor. The pedestrian region runs up through Ranilla described as an ancient fishing quarter. On the east side and just running along the seafront is the shopping district. This is also where the hotels, dining places, bars as well as other establishments can be found. Food from all around the world can also be sampled in this part of the town, just stroll down the streets and you will surely find something that interests you.